About Us

The brand is known for the use of vibrant colours and detailed hand craftsmanship: a beautiful world of the delicate mixed world of the designer’s African origin and her Western life. Her inspiration is more impactively based on current world issues, her childhood in Congo, displacement and love of art.
The designer is very creative and always experimenting with techniques such as printing, laser-cutting, with the use of exquisite quality materials combined with an interpretation of the brand’s inspiration and classic cuts which result in sophisticated and timeless garments.
She works so hard to make very desirable and beautiful clothing for women to love and buy. She break all boundaries and doesn’t want to limit her abilities or her capacity as a designer to experiment and produce new ideas.
The essence of KOYAWO is bold, innovative edgy but modern and cool. KOYAWO woman is someone who appreciates high-Fashion, glamour and has passion for style at any age.